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BFuture is the very best HVO available, we have selected the best, most sustainable product to provide the premium fuel for the yachting sector.

As well as having a reduced environmental impact, BFuture improves guest experience through reduced smoke (and therefore less staining on the hull from exhausts) and improves efficiency in combustion through a more complete, cleaner combustion producing less strain on the engines.

Welcome aboard the future of yachting, where we invite you to embrace a bold, different, and sustainable approach. Introducing BFuture, our emblem of uncompromising sustainability and unparalleled performance.

Be Bold: Choose BFuture

At Peninsula, we believe in challenging conventions and setting new standards. That is why we have boldly selected BFuture as our premium fuel, leading the charge towards a more sustainable future for the yachting industry. With BFuture, you are not just choosing fuel; you are making a brave statement for environmental protection.

Be Different: Experience BFuture’s Excellence

Stand out from the crowd with BFuture’s exceptional quality and performance. Stay away from conventional fuels and embrace a cleaner and premium option. BFuture is not just about reducing environmental impact; it’s about elevating your yachting experience to new heights of luxury and eco-consciousness.

Be Sustainable: Sail with Purpose

At Peninsula, the ocean is our office, join us in our commitment to a cleaner marine future. By choosing BFuture, you will be sailing with purpose. Reduce your carbon footprint, minimise environmental harm, and leave a positive impact on our planet’s oceans. Together, let’s pave the way for a more sustainable future, one journey at a time.

Peninsula is more than just a yachting service provider; we are pioneers of change. Embrace the difference with us and experience the incomparable luxury and environmental stewardship of BFuture. Be bold, be different, be sustainable.

HVO (Hydrogenerated Vegetable Oil)

Biofuel made from vegetable oils or animal fats that are processed in a specialist hydro treatment to achieve high levels of purity.


  • Up to 90% lower CO2 emissions than regular diesel
  • Higher energy content than regular diesel meaning more power per MT
  • More complete combustion than regular diesel due to high cetane number
  • Can be used pure (100% concentration) or blended in any ratio like HVO20 (20% of HVO and 80% diesel)
  • Exceptional long term oxidation stability (storage periods off at least 15 years)
  • Minimal water content and low water solubility due to non-polar nature
  • Low risk of microbiological growth due to low affinity to water
  • Can be used in diesel engines without blending and without modifications
  • Virtually no sulphur content
  • Reduction of exhaust smoke of approximately 35%
  • Maintains clean filters (Filter Blocking Tendency of 1.0-1.1. U.K limit 2.52)


HVO is manufactured through the hydrotreatment of waste vegetable oils and fats. During this process, hydrogen removes oxygen from vegetable oil molecules and splits them into separate hydrocarbon chains equivalent to those found in conventional fossil diesel. The resulting fuel is functionally identical to diesel, meaning that HVO can be used as a direct, drop-in alternative.


FeedstockVegetable oil and fatsPetrol
Density at 15ºC (g/cm3)0.765 – 0.8000.835
Viscosity at 40ºC (mm2/s)2.0 – 4.53.5
Sulphur content (ppm)<5<10
Cetane number*>7040-55
Oxidation stabilityExcellentStandard
CFPPUp to -50-15
Energy44 Kj42.7 Kj

*Cetane number => 70, the fuel burns cleanly and the engine gets more power.


To be successful we
must take the first step

At Peninsula we recognise the importance of making change now. Our guiding purpose is to lead the marine industry’s transition to a more sustainable future, providing a variety of cleaner energy solutions in a responsible way.

The Peninsula Foundation supports local and international charities that are all having a positive impact on the marine environment.

Aside from the Foundation, we are committed to bringing innovative solutions to our customers to help reduce the impact of carbon emissions for the existing fleet. The true benefit of offsetting carbon emissions has been a hot topic. We are currently working hard to source offset schemes that have a direct and powerful impact on both the marine and global environment.

If you would like to know more about our Carbon Offset programme, please get in touch.


Working collaboratively
for a better tomorrow

Superyachts have always been on the bleeding edge of innovation, whether it’s developing new super-efficient hull designs or hybrid propulsion systems to reduce noise and fuel consumption, the yachting sector has been at the forefront of research and development.

Up until now, shipyards, designers or owners have been able to work independently to make the next step forward, but in the development of yachts that produce zero emissions, we must work together.

With so many potential future fuels on the horizon, the route to zero emissions is much about the availability of the next generation fuels as it is the propulsion systems they power.

Through our existing network and our own global reach in physical supply, we will be working with all the main stakeholders to ensure the development of zero emission superyachts is supported by a reliable supply chain and therefore becomes a truly sustainable future for the industry.