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To be successful we
must take the first step

At Peninsula we recognise the importance of making change now. Our guiding purpose is to lead the marine industry’s transition to a more sustainable future, providing a variety of cleaner energy solutions in a responsible way.

The Peninsula Foundation supports local and international charities that are all having a positive impact on the marine environment.

Aside from the Foundation, we are committed to bringing innovative solutions to our customers to help reduce the impact of carbon emissions for the existing fleet. The true benefit of offsetting carbon emissions has been a hot topic. We are currently working hard to source offset schemes that have a direct and powerful impact on both the marine and global environment.

If you would like to know more about our Carbon Offset programme, please get in touch.


Working collaboratively
for a better tomorrow

Superyachts have always been on the bleeding edge of innovation, whether it’s developing new super-efficient hull designs or hybrid propulsion systems to reduce noise and fuel consumption, the yachting sector has been at the forefront of research and development.

Up until now, shipyards, designers or owners have been able to work independently to make the next step forward, but in the development of yachts that produce zero emissions, we must work together.

With so many potential future fuels on the horizon, the route to zero emissions is much about the availability of the next generation fuels as it is the propulsion systems they power.

Through our existing network and our own global reach in physical supply, we will be working with all the main stakeholders to ensure the development of zero emission superyachts is supported by a reliable supply chain and therefore becomes a truly sustainable future for the industry.