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Peninsula’s Support for Yachting Associations

15 April 2024

Peninsula's Support for Yachting Associations

Over the past two decades, Peninsula has taken great pride in advocating for the superyacht industry. We have actively pursued sustainable initiatives and lent our support to companies, captains, and crews dedicated to enhancing the yachting sector. Upholding our corporate social responsibilities, we ensure to align ourselves with charities and enterprises committed to giving back to our industry or the environment upon which it relies. When searching for companies to support, we first ensure that their ethos is one we can get behind. Peninsula is committed to its core values, and so it is important that those values also resonate with our charities and beneficiaries.

A perfect example of these is our recent renewal with Italian Yacht Masters. Italian Yacht Masters aims to establish a community facilitating the exchange of skills and knowledge in an ever-evolving global market. It advocates for technical expertise and know-how to transcend geographical limitations while retaining a distinctive identity, enabling it to thrive in an international context. As well as being a collective of recognised and respected captains, they also have a mentor programme to support up-and-coming crew members who are looking to progress through their yachting careers.

They believe that having qualified human resource is essential for both the present and future of our industry. They consider training, especially for young people, as fundamental. Recognising that young individuals represent the future of their profession, they emphasise the importance of passing down work experience to help shape their development. Italian Yacht Masters understands that investing in young talent is vital for promoting awareness and maritime culture. They offer young people opportunities to embark on an exciting journey, acquiring valuable expertise through workshops, conferences, and training sessions, as well as onboard visits and short cruises with Italian Yacht Masters Ship Masters.

We have spoken in the past about the importance of our staff’s well-being and development at Peninsula. The spirit of health and wellness resonates deeply within our company, and that goes hand in hand with ensuring our staff are happy within their roles; or supporting them with their next steps within the industry. This is why we have continued with our sponsorship of Italian Yacht Masters and their commitment to the continuation and development of the yachting sector.

Italian Yacht Masters

Also aligning with our ethos is the USSA – United States Superyacht Association. The USSA stands as a non-profit trade association with a mission to champion and bolster the U.S. Superyacht industry and its members globally through advocacy, marketing, and education. Comprised of a diverse array of businesses spanning the United States and beyond, the USSA represents thousands of jobs and exerts; a substantial economic influence on our economy. They work hard to advance the industry within the States, while also serving as an advocate on any major issues that could affect yachting.

Working within Europe, it’s easy to focus primarily on the Mediterranean. However, it is vital not to forget the importance of the American market, as it plays a huge part in our industry. Peninsula have situated ourselves across the globe, working with amazing partners to ensure a seamless service no matter where you are. While recognising the US market’s value to the industry, Peninsula decided to open our Houston Office back in 2012. Paired with our Gibraltar office, this allows us to have a base in two key hubs within the world of superyachts.

Working with these incredible companies allows us to guarantee that we are supporting the continuation and growth of our industry. We can support their missions and watch how their influence and contributions provide a new generation of highly skilled workers across the whole yachting sector. By allowing established members of the industry to pass on their skills and knowledge, they are promising that the industry will continue to thrive with the knowledge that has been passed through generations of seafarers.

USSA - United States Superyacht Association

Peninsula are proud to support these integral organisations, to continue the growth and development of the superyacht sector. As pioneers of new marine fuels that are designed to reduce carbon emissions, we are already making waves in the industry. However, we hope that by supporting these organisations, we can see an influx of new staff that share our goal towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly world of yachting.

Should you want to hear more about what we are doing, you can read about our sustainability efforts on our website. Likewise, should you want to know more about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts who would be more than happy to assist you with any queries.