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Anchored in Wellness, Rooted in Sustainability: Peninsula’s Prize of Superyacht Fitness

9 December 2023

February 9th, 2024

Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of boat show season. The Peninsula team have been gracing the marinas of the industry’s top shows, engaging with friends, clients, and partners alongside a whole host of major superyacht companies. To Peninsula, these events not only serve as a chance to network with new and old connections but also serve as a crucial platform for assessing the industry’s response to the impending climate crisis.

Our presence at these shows is strategic, leveraging our established reputation and influential platform to advocate for sustainability and accountability within the superyacht sector. As we navigate through these events, we aim to shed light on the industry’s stance on environmental issues and highlight the importance of responsible practices and sustainable solutions.

This year, we were honoured once again to partner with Fraser Yachts in celebrating sustainability onboard by joining them in sponsoring their “FUTURE Environmental Award” at their Gala Awards; celebrating the 21st edition of the Captain & Crew Awards at both the Monaco Yacht Show, and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Notably, it marks the second year of including the Environmental Award in the lineup. As always, Peninsula are honoured and enthused to endorse these eco-friendly initiatives, aligning with our dedication to building a more sustainable future for yachting.

The FUTURE Environmental Award has been meticulously crafted to identify and commend captains and crew who are championing sustainable practices aboard their vessels, thus contributing to the greater cause of environmental preservation. Their commendable efforts encompass a spectrum of initiatives; including adopting eco-friendly fuel alternatives, minimising the use of single-use plastics on board, and steering clear of harsh artificial chemicals that could potentially harm marine life and compromise ocean health, to name a few. At Peninsula, our unwavering commitment to sustainability forms the cornerstone of our values. We find immense joy in recognising and applauding individuals and teams who share this dedication. These conscientious efforts are integral in charting a course towards a greener and more sustainable future for the superyacht industry.

After careful consideration, this year’s distinguished winners were thoughtfully selected. In addition to the bragging privileges that accompany winning the FUTURE Environmental Award, the fortunate captain and crew were granted a subscription to Superyacht Fitness. As part of the subscription, the captains and crew are able to fully utilise the ‘soon to launch’ SYF App, together with a whole host of industry-leading wearable tech from Myzone to assist them on their health and wellness journey.

Superyacht Fitness emerges as the brainchild of Glen Taylor and Tim Colston, visionary individuals melding their passion for yachting and wellness. Together, they have embarked on a pioneering journey, introducing an innovative fitness solution tailored for captains and crew while onboard superyachts. Combining Glen’s extensive maritime expertise with Tim’s background in curating fitness systems for a wide spectrum of high-net-worth individuals and globally recognised elite sports professionals has culminated in the creation of this service. This bespoke offering places captains’ and crew’s mental and physical wellness at its paramount focus.

from fitness to mindset decompression

Nevertheless, Superyacht Fitness goes above and beyond the conventional fitness app. Built for everyone, from fitness to mindset decompression, users can derive advantages from bespoke at-sea workout programmes, highlighting, among other aspects, movement and strength. A survey conducted in 2020, revealed that approximately 64% of superyacht crew members encountered mental health challenges while on duty. As big believers in “prevention is better than cure”, this is precisely why Superyacht Fitness has devoted efforts to ensure robust support for the crew’s mental well-being is as integral as their physical fitness.

Adopting a holistic approach to wellness, the app actively encourages crew members to engage in daily check-ins to assess their emotional state, monitoring factors such as mood. Beyond mere habit-tracking, this practice serves as a mechanism for Superyacht Fitness’ team of professionals to monitor emerging negative behavioural patterns. If a crew member’s check-in raises concerns, their trained experts can discreetly reach out, providing a secure and confidential space for the crew members to openly share their thoughts and feelings. This holistic approach highlights the commitment to safeguarding both the physical and mental welfare of those entrusted to the care of Superyacht Fitness. In addition to the amazing exercise classes, coaching, and training, the app provides access to inclusive 1-2-1 therapy sessions for its users.

wellness resonates deeply within

The spirit of health and wellness resonates deeply within the ethos of Peninsula. Hence, this collaboration felt like the perfect pairing, giving us the opportunity to reciprocate and contribute to the recipients of the FUTURE Environmental Award. These deserving winners are taking monumental strides toward a more sustainable future for the superyacht industry. Our aspiration is that by supporting their physical and mental well-being onboard, we empower them to keep up their commendable eco-friendly choices and behaviours.

Moreover, we genuinely aspire that our involvement in the FUTURE Environmental Award serves as a catalyst for other superyacht owners, captains, and crews to embark on a journey of environmentally conscious transformations within their onboard lifestyles. Even a small shift, such as an energy transition to second-generation biofuels, can yield up to a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fossil fuels. This, in turn, propels the ongoing decarbonisation of the superyacht industry.

Peninsula stands poised and prepared to offer unwavering

Embracing such alterations aligns with the environmentally responsible stance required in the face of the climate crisis. Peninsula stands poised and prepared to offer unwavering support throughout your transition, ensuring a seamless and impactful shift towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly yachting experience. As the largest independent physical superyacht fuel supplier globally, we have teams strategically positioned across the world. With complete command over product quality and the supply chain, we meticulously tailor our services to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Should you wish to delve deeper into Peninsula’s expansive global services and offerings, or explore how we can specifically enhance your experience, please feel free to reach out. Our dedicated team of experts is poised and ready to assist you at all times. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to delivering unparalleled support and solutions to meet your requirements.

we are committed to delivering unparalleled support