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Unlocking the Secrets of Yacht Fuel: Our Expertise and Advantage

9 June 2023

September 4th, 2023

Ocean sunset with two superyachts

Understanding and navigating the yacht fuel market can be frustrating. The price of yacht fuel is continuously fluctuating, due to various factors that impact the global oil market. Supply and demand dynamics within the marine fuel market itself can contribute to price fluctuations. Alternatively, variations in shipping activity, changes in vessel capacity, and regulatory requirements can affect the demand for marine fuel, thereby impacting its price. Overall, the price of superyacht fuel is subject to a complex interplay of global economic, political, and industry-specific factors, which ultimately leads to its constant instability.

Over the last two decades, Peninsula has worked endlessly to become the world’s leading independent marine energy provider. We have spent years building invaluable relationships, and a global network of industry experts; allowing us to corner a very competitive market and deliver a seamless service. The expertise we have nurtured has provided a platform and presence in the superyacht fuel industry, that gives Peninsula an effective buying power and the ability to offer the most cost-effective ways of meeting your superyacht fuel needs.

Apart from our extensive network of supply partners worldwide, we hold the distinction of being the largest independent physical supplier globally. Our physical supply capabilities span across 10 prominent shipping hubs around the world, making us the largest supplier in the Gibraltar Straits. This presence gives us a volume that is unparalleled by local agents, and thanks to these widespread facilities we are able to do the theoretical ‘dirty work’ when it comes to quality control, pricing, and marine fuel demand.

Superyacht fuel pump on marina edge

Thanks to our expertise we are able to source and supply some of the finest quality marine fuel available in the current market. Any fuel that is sold through Peninsula goes through a rigorous and intensive sampling and testing process; that goes far beyond the industry’s best practices. We are confident in the product we provide and know that our clients are beyond satisfied.

Likewise, our team of experts are constantly researching and monitoring the best marine fuel prices across the globe. They work tirelessly, combining years of market knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills to ensure we are able to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Thanks to our excellent hedging capabilities, we are able to protect our 2,000+ global clients from potential risks or fluctuations in fuel prices. After over two decades in the industry, monitoring the constant fluctuations in the yacht fuel market, we have built a substantial price index that allows us to track inflation, compare prices, and give us trend insights into the future of superyacht fuel.

At Peninsula, we understand that three-hour price validity on quotes can be frustrating. Captains feel that they are being pressured to make decisions without any chance to test or sample the product. That is why we are committed to collaborating with you to present a clear proposal accompanied by all the required specification documents, including our tested and approved products; ensuring that you have the necessary information to make an informed decision right from the start.

If you would be interested in finding out more about our services, or what Peninsula could offer you, then please do not hesitate to get in contact. Our team would be more than happy to support you with any of your superyacht fuel or marine lubricant needs, anywhere in the world.

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