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Our commitment to a sustainable future

30 November 2021


Last month Peninsula signed both the Global Maritime Forum’s Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization and the Water Revolution Foundation’s Code of Conduct. But why are these so important to us and the future of sustainable yachting?


Global Maritime Forum

Signatories of the Global Maritime Forum’s Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization urge world leaders to align shipping with the Paris Agreement temperature goal. The private sector is already taking important steps to decarbonize global supply chains and become more sustainable. Now governments must deliver the policies that will supercharge the transition and make zero emission shipping the default choice by 2030.

There was a good indication from COP26 earlier this month that world leaders are focused on how countries will achieve net zero emissions by 2030. But the focus remains on the phasing out of coal, curtailing deforestation, accelerating the switch to electric vehicles and encouraging investment in renewables. The signatories of the of the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization call on world leaders to:

  • Commit to decarbonizing international shipping by 2050 and deliver a clear and equitable implementation plan to achieve this when adopting the IMO GHG Strategy in 2023.
  • Support industrial scale zero emission shipping projects through national action, for instance by setting clear decarbonization targets for domestic shipping and by providing incentives and support to first movers and broader deployment of zero emissions fuels and vessels.
  • Deliver policy measures that will make zero emission shipping the default choice by 2030, including meaningful market-based measures, taking effect by 2025 that can support the commercial deployment of zero emission vessels and fuels in international shipping.


Water Revolution Foundation

The Water Revolution Foundation’s Code of Conduct outlines 10 principals which, when adhered to in daily practice, will make a real difference in reducing the environmental footprint of the superyacht industry and restoring our precious oceans. Specifically focused on the superyacht sector the Foundation is driven to ensure our industry acts sustainably, with the goal of neutralizing our footprint.

Water Revolution Foundation are acting on many different fronts, as well as engaging with the superyacht industry to encourage all stakeholders to work towards neutralizing their ecological footprint, but also actively contributing to ocean conservation programmes. The Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMA) aims to support the restoration on the balance of the life in the ocean.

For superyachts, the oceans are our office, protecting them should be at the centre of everything we do. Not only is the essence of the superyacht experience based on clean oceans, but oceans absorb a staggering one quarter of all CO2 created. This is why, at Peninsula we are committed to working with our customers and partners to move towards a more sustainable future today. We will be producing a series of pieces in the coming months that look at ways yachts can reduce their emissions through a variety of different means, so make sure you are following our social channels to keep updated.