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Peninsula’s Pioneering Approach to Global Superyacht Fuel

9 February 2024

Over the span of the last three decades, Peninsula have positioned itself as the benchmark for quality within the maritime industry. Our bespoke services stand as a testament to our commitment to transparency and a customer-centric ethos, propelling us to becoming the industry’s leading independent marine fuel supplier. The tireless efforts of our global team throughout the years have allowed us to develop an infrastructure on which we built a reputation that resonates seamlessly within the superyacht industry.

Crafting a streamlined well-to-wake pipeline for delivering top-tier superyacht fuel has been a journey marked by years of dedication, research, and thoughtful strategising. In order to deliver high-end superyacht fuel, we put in place processes and structures that guarantee exceptional quality and service. As a global company, it has undoubtedly been a challenge to ensure that our service across the globe meets the standards to which we adhere. Our Gibraltar fuel terminal serves as a hub where even the minutest details of our processes can be enhanced and streamlined, thanks to a broader pool of experienced staff and a well-developed infrastructure. However, in the further-flung corners of the world, it has been more challenging.

When building our extensive network of supply partners, we had to ensure that they met the specifications and standards that we had not only set for ourselves but that our customers had come to expect from us. As a sustainability-focused company, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every step of our pipeline is not only meticulously audited from a quality perspective, but also from an environmentally conscious perspective. For us to trust our suppliers with the Peninsula name we require constant vetting and continuous communication, allowing us to stay informed and on top of any internal changes. Likewise, should we need to step in to make any changes, we would do so without hesitation.

Building these robust relationships isn’t just a cliché; for Peninsula, it’s a strategic advantage. The ever-shifting global political landscape often brings about rule and regulation changes in various countries. We have the added benefit of a large network, with a wealth of knowledge to check in with about any local, or national regulation changes; similar to when we saw the Italian VAT and duty changes last year. This depth of understanding allows us not only to adapt but also to empower our customers with the insights needed to make informed decisions in an ever-evolving industry. Likewise, staying in such close contact allows us to stay informed on any new suppliers that could require investigation, or existing suppliers that are underperforming.

Global Marine Fuel Supply

Upon receiving a yacht fuel inquiry from a vessel situated outside of Gibraltar, Peninsula can provide a highly competitive price for the product the superyacht has requested. The price validity for this marine fuel is often secured for a pre-agreed amount of time, allowing the superyacht captain to make an informed decision before agreeing to the delivery. Upon the captain’s agreement to the provided price, Peninsula initiates a seamless coordination process with both the supplier and the superyacht to facilitate an efficient delivery. This involves arranging a suitable time and date, along with addressing logistics requirements such as berth number and any necessary paperwork.

Post-delivery, the supplier will issue a Bunker Delivery Note (BDN), a detailed document retained on board, providing comprehensive information on the type, quantity, and quality of the yacht fuel delivered. This note is duly signed by both the supplier and the captain, ensuring a transparent record of the transaction. In addition to the BDN, our supplier provides the MARPOL-required drip samples. One sample remains on board the vessel, while the other is retained by our supplier, affirming the vessel’s adherence to all relevant regulations. Upon the successful completion of the delivery and confirmation of the superyacht captain’s satisfaction, the vessel will promptly receive the corresponding invoice. In the unlikely event that customer satisfaction is not met, Peninsula has a dedicated expert team available round the clock, 365 days a year. This proficient team is poised to promptly address and resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring a commitment to excellence and client contentment.

While there are resemblances in our fuel deliveries both internationally and domestically in Gibraltar, the presence of our dedicated fuel terminal has empowered us to refine our services with exquisite attention to detail. Boasting three berths specifically designed to cater to superyachts and an ex-pipe supply offering AGO, MGO and more recently HVO renewable diesel, our Gibraltar fuel terminal achieves an impressive annual delivery of over 20 thousand metric tonnes of product. It comes as no surprise that this stands out as our most substantial physical supply location for the yachting sector. Working with this ex-pipe supply, we have more control over the delivery of larger quantities within tighter timescales.

HQ Physical Marine Fuel Supply

Upon receiving a customer enquiry, the Peninsula team promptly delves into market dynamics to provide the captain with the most competitive price. This price is then fixed within a defined validity window, offering our captains a secure timeframe amid the market’s volatility. Additionally, always included alongside the pricing would be a certificate of quality (COQ), outlining the product specifications. This ensures that captains receive precisely what aligns with their requirements, adding an extra layer of assurance to the entire process.

By tracking the live commodity price markets we are able to provide the most up-to-date pricing, then on confirmation, we use our in-house hedging team to lock in the price and remove all the risk from price changes between confirmation and delivery. We offer the same service to individual yachts and management companies that are looking to remove all the uncertainty from price volatility and ‘lock in’ a fixed price for longer periods of time.

Aside from fuel delivery, our team will work closely with the yacht and the appointed yacht agent to ensure that all the operational logistics are taken care of. We take care of ensuring that the vessel, its crew, and its ETA are all registered with the port authority to promise a smooth arrival into our facility. Our team will also be on the ground to welcome the superyacht on arrival, headed by our customer services representative, Dean Robson. Once the delivery is completed, we will again ensure the post-delivery formalities are completed quickly and efficiently. After the successful conclusion of the delivery and the confirmation of the superyacht captain’s satisfaction, the vessel will receive the corresponding invoice.

To ensure that our marine fuel is of the highest quality, we constantly and continually manage the quantity that we have in storage. This guarantees that we always have enough product to meet the demand; increasing our cargo as we see the fleet return to the Mediterranean in the spring. During the lower seasons we manage our stock accordingly in order to minimise the risk of product sitting dormant; promising that customers will always receive the highest quality superyacht fuel when required.

Peninsula proudly stands as the world’s largest independent physical supplier, maintaining facilities in 10 key shipping hubs globally. We work tirelessly to ensure our products and services meet the exceptional standards we have become known for. To guarantee this we have developed a dedicated Yacht Services team, offering a singular point of contact for our superyacht customers across the globe. Should you like to discuss our products and services further, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our expert team who would be happy to assist.