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Peninsula: Gibraltar’s Superyacht Fuel Specialists

10 November 2023

February 9th, 2024

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar beckons with its azure waters and captivating coastlines, making it a haven for superyacht enthusiasts. In this maritime paradise, where luxury meets the deep blue sea, Peninsula stands as the beacon of excellence. As global marine specialists, Peninsula bring their expertise in superyacht fuel to customers from all corners of the world.

Despite having offices as far-flung as the east coast of the USA, Peninsula chose Gibraltar as anchor for our headquarters, paying homage to this region’s rich maritime history. Situated at the gateway to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar serves as the perfect slipway for accessing the Med’s superyacht hotspots; embodying its strategic importance as a premier hub for bunkering high-quality, marine biofuels. It remains our most substantial physical supply location, thanks to our continued delivery of an impressive combined volume of over 2 million metric tons of products on an annual basis.

Establishing ourselves in Gibraltar from the initial conception of Peninsula, allowed us to build a solid foundation on which to grow our services. The Peninsula brand is built upon three foundational pillars: a focus on customer-centricity, a commitment to sustainability, and a dedication to embracing technology. These principles are the driving force behind our endeavours, motivating us to strive for excellence. To ensure that our clients and customers are always receiving the best service, we have worked tirelessly to continually develop and improve our offerings.

At the Peninsula Superyacht Fuel Terminal in Gibraltar, we offer an ex-pipe supply of both AGO (Automotive Gas Oil) and MGO (Marine Gas Oil), ensuring a comprehensive range of options to meet your superyacht’s specific requirements. Moreover, we take pride in our custom-built white Teflon fendering, meticulously designed to create a robust and consistent surface. This feature not only ensures the utmost protection for your vessel but also allows for yachts to easily line up their fendering for added convenience and safety during refuelling.

In our continuous pursuit of impeccable customer service, we have taken account of invaluable feedback. We have initiated a series of enhancements aimed at providing even greater accessibility to vessels docked at our superyacht fuel terminal. Our team is now equipped with a dedicated vehicle that can seamlessly park adjacent to your superyacht. The introduction of this specialised van marks a significant stride forward, streamlining the delivery process for essential supplies, such as provisions. By bringing our services closer to your vessel, we guarantee a more convenient and efficient experience for captains and crew.

At Peninsula, our committed on-site team operates around the clock, unwavering in their dedication to ensuring that captains and crew enjoy unfettered access to all necessary amenities while berthed with us. Our improved facilities are thoughtfully designed to offer a comprehensive service, effectively optimising your crew’s precious time. This, in turn, affords them the opportunity to allocate more of their efforts towards promptly fulfilling the requests and desires of your esteemed guests. Included in our stellar team of professionals, we have our dedicated Jetty Operations team. This team is entrusted with the crucial task of delivering your fuel with utmost precision and care. Our Gibraltar Operations team orchestrates the smooth flow of our cherished customers throughout Gibraltar, adeptly accommodating your preferred schedules and dates. Furthermore, our dynamic sales team serves as your initial point of contact, setting the stage for a flawless and personalised journey from the very outset.

In addition to our dedicated team in Gibraltar, we proudly introduce you to our invaluable liaison on the ground, Dean Robson. As the charismatic representative of Peninsula, Dean serves as the vital link connecting our operations, agents, captains, and crew to ensure an impeccable and delightful stay during your Gibraltar visit. Above all, his primary role is to guarantee that our customers experience the utmost excellence in service from Peninsula. Dean’s extensive network and close collaborations with local businesses and suppliers make him the ideal individual to champion and support your crew’s needs during their time at our Superyacht Fuel Terminal.

Thanks to our established reputation, we have forged fantastic relationships with many within the superyacht and maritime industries. From suppliers to customers, we work hard to build trust by delivering an unbeatable service time and time again. Our comprehensive oversight of planning, execution, and post-delivery procedures ensures a seamlessly coordinated, and punctual delivery that maximises efficiency; all tailored to align seamlessly with your predetermined itinerary. In Gibraltar, we work closely with the area’s established and well-trusted yacht agents, such as Gibunco. Our relationship with these superyacht agents permits us to guarantee that your arrival in Gibraltar is harmonious and stress-free by allowing the yacht agents to complete and fine-tune all paperwork, such as port clearances.

At Peninsula, our unwavering commitment is to consistently provide a world-class service. Whether face-to-face or interacting with our office-based experts, rest assured that our highly skilled team is poised and ready to offer dedicated support wherever and whenever you require our assistance. Our customer-centric philosophy has been the cornerstone of our journey to attain the esteemed global reputation we hold today. Backed by competitive pricing and a steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch, environmentally-conscious marine fuels, we take pride in fostering enduring relationships with customers who choose to return to us, time and time again.

If you would like to learn more about Peninsula, the services we offer, or our team on the ground in Gibraltar, then please do not hesitate to get in contact. Our experts are working around the clock, across the globe, to guarantee we are able to help you no matter what you may need.